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    Why Choose Jackery Solar Generator?

    • 12 Layers of Protection

      9 Temperature Sensors

      Best 94V-0 Fire Rating

      Top Shock Resistant Level 9

      Safety is first. The industry-leading battery management system protects your charging devices with 12 layers of control. With an excellent fire and shock-resistant design, you can use it with peace of mind in any situation.

    • Less to Carry,
      More to Power

      Powers 99% of Appliances

      30% Lighter in Weight

      Designed with exploration in mind. Up to 30% less weight and size compared to alternatives. Equipped with an ergonomic handle design, it is easy to carry anywhere you wish to explore. From 240W to 2000W, Jackery provides portable power solutions for all different uses and can power up to 99% of appliances, such as refrigerators, electric grills, CPAP machines, sump pumps, and more.

    • Up to 20 Years of Battery Life

      20 Years Lifespan

      4 Years Stand By

      If you go camping and use the power station every week, for 20 years, up to 80% of the battery’s max capacity will still be maintained. (Based on one full charge per week). When fully charged, the ultra-long battery can go on standby for up to an amazing 4 years. Perfect for camping, RV life, home emergency, and outdoor professional usage.

    • Quick Charging Anywhere

      Full Charge in 1.8H

      Works from 14-104 ℉

      Jackery portable power stations offer rapid charging. Featuring wall charging, car charging, and solar charging, the Explorer 1000 Pro can be fully charged within 1.8 hours. Also, pass-through charging technology allows recharging and charging appliances simultaneously. Jackery performs in a temperature range of -14℉~104℉(-10℃-40℃), providing you with a stable power supply from summer to winter.

    • Quiet Renewable Power

      30dB Quiet Power

      No Fumes

      The working noise volume of Jackery is less than 30dB, even quieter than in a library (40dB). There is no need for gasoline, with no fumes produced, and extremely low maintenance - perfect for home usage. Additionally, save on your wallet whilst being kind to the environment!

    • Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

      Quick charge: 1.8 Hour Full Charge

      Capacity: 1002Wh
      AC Output: 1000W
      Solar Panel: 80W/100W/200W
      Recharging: 1.8 hrs

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